How does AccessibilitySpark work?

AccessibilitySpark is powered by AI Technology machine learning that analyzes your website and remediates accessibility violations in elements on your site. It handles keyboard navigation and screen reader optimization for users with disability which includes ALT attribution creation for images, form label creation, as well as fixing menu, pop-ups, dropdowns, buttons and more.

The interface is accountable for the 30% of remediation of typical website accessibility barriers. This is a session based tool that allows its users to adjust their profiles to adapt to their specific needs. It has a number of features and options that can tailor fit easy access depending on their unique disability.

The biggest difficulties are screen reader optimization and keyboard navigation adjustments. These challenges make up for 70% of website accessibility hurdles. AccessibilitySpark employs computer vision technology combined with contextual understanding. 

AccessibilitySpark analyzes the site and auto-adjusts them according to standards. An ongoing maintenance feature will ensure that your site is monitored and maintained every 24 hours to keep an adherent and compliant site at all times. You can be assured that all changes and updates made on your site are automatically remediated, you no longer need to manually do a test run to check for compliance because the App does this for you. Any non-adherence issue identified will be fixed. 


Can AccessibilitySpark ensure that any non-compliance issue is fixed?

How does the remediation work?

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