How much does AccessibilitySpark cost?

AccessibilitySpark has clear, straightforward and transparent pricing. You would be able to access the following features at $99 per month. 

  • ADA & WCAG Compliance
  • Includes adjustments to fonts, sizing, spacing, color contrasts, cursors, animations, and 100+ more
  • Handles keyboard navigation and screen reader optimization for the blind and motor impaired
  • Significantly enhance user experience
  • Improves user interface and website design for the disabled
  • Make your website rank top on search engines
  • Increase website visitors

Signing up for this plan would save you from long hours of manual labor and a huge amount of money for making your website compliant and accessible. 

If you are still uncertain, we recommend that you avail of our free trial, this 5-day session would give you free access to all the features of the app. 


What is the plan available for AccessibilitySpark?

What are the features of AccessibilitySpark?

Can I avail the free trial?

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