AccessibilitySpark’s App Extension

It is possible the last time you accessed AccessibilitySpark App you have seen a warning message like this one:

Required: Please enable our AccessibilitySpark App Extension
AccessibilitySpark requires an App Extension to be enabled on your Online Store in order to work correctly. Click the “Continue” button below and enable the AccessibilitySpark App Extension to continue.

How to activate

After you click on “Activate” in the message above, you will be redirected to Theme Editor in “App Embed” section. You should follow these two steps:

  1. Enable AccessibilitySpark extension
  2. Save the change
  3. Reload AccessibilitySpark

What does it mean?

Shopify has mandated that all apps upgrade their ScriptTags to Theme App Extension. This means that the way our app runs some scripts in the stores has changed in the background. Fortunately, this change will not have a significant impact on your app. More info

Other questions

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]



What is the AccessibilitySpark App Extension?

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