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Michelle Taylor

Co-Founder of Loom Footwear

As someone with a disability, I understand the struggle and frustration of having to navigate a non-compliant website. That is why I want to make sure no one faces this issue with my online store. Accessibility Spark makes this super easy for me. Thank you for helping me make my site more accessible for everyone!

John S.

Account Manager from EastWestGrowth

Last year, we decided to look for an accessibility solution for our clients because we thought it was important for everyone to be able to access their websites, and provide a layer of protection against ADA lawsuits. Accessibility Spark is fantastic because it covers several different types of impairments so we definitely felt like it opened the gates to many people and played a great role to increasing our client’s potential for growth and scalability.

Annie M.

Co-Founder of Aurora Blanket

As a small team, it was difficult for us to navigate around the ADA regulations for accessibility. With Accessibility Spark, we were able to instantly make our website more usable and meet our compliance needs with just a few easy steps. No programming needed, and most importantly, no need to worry about facing any lawsuits for non-compliance issues. The customer service was definitely the cherry on the cake – they were extremely professional, courteous and helpful! I would highly recommend them!

Mike Stanton

Director of Sales from xFyro Audio

We knew web accessibility was becoming something more of a requirement. We chose Accessibility Spark’s because we were extremely impressed by their advanced AI and technology. It does so many things in the background that we normally don’t even think of, yet makes it so easy for us to use and implement with just a few easy clicks. We would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a powerful web accessibility tool.

Fai Lee

Co-Founder of Floately

In terms of compliance, professionalism, affordability, and ease of use, Accessibility Spark definitely ranks first. All the other services that our team has tested drastically fell short. They were more expensive and did not offer as many features as Accessibility Spark did. Within a short period of time, we were able to customize our website to accommodate everyone. We’re now proud to have been given the opportunity to serve to millions of more valuable consumers, who are just as eager to shop online as anyone else.

Ka Y.C

Director of Growth from Desklab Monitor

More people are realizing their revenue potential is massive once they start opening up their website to being accessible. It made a huge difference to many brands, including us. Since using Accessibility Spark, we were able to increase our website traffic by 10% which in turn generated us an increase of 60% in profits, which is massive. It continues to allow our brand to scale and grow, and we will continue to use Accessibility Spark for years to come.


Communications Manager of Redux Audio

Not many people realize the scope of disability. There are actually 50+ disabilities that hinder their experience in the web. We wanted to make our website accessible for EVERYONE. The problem is, most accessibility services lack actual protection for the client. That is until we stumbled upon Accessibility Spark. Only one line of code and we were completely protected. I’ve been using them for the past 2 years and there isn’t one service that is more reliable than this one. Definitely try it out if you haven’t yet!

Yiu Hei

Co-Founder of Copper Linens

We’ve looked at different plugins and services but Accessibility Spark is what stood out in terms of features. Cost is another factor; the yearly fee is very affordable for us and suited our business’ needs. We would definitely recommend it to others!


Co-Founder of DermRollers

My friend had just been on the receiving end of an ADA lawsuit for his website, so when we were doing our website, we were very concerned about it being compliant. We didn’t have much knowledge about web accessibility but we had to do a lot of research only to find out how complex it is. Thankfully, Accessibility Spark made it easy for us. They allowed our website to be inclusive of everyone. Most importantly, we don’t have to be afraid of lawsuits anymore!