How does AccessibilitySpark Improve SEO, Traffic & Conversions?

AccessibilitySpark’s aim is to make your website accessible and significantly enhance user experience. By doing so, you would be able to serve a bigger customer base. Moreover, it improves your SEO efforts as well as your website’s organic search rankings.

SEO increases website traffic so customers find you faster, it boosts your search ranking, on the results page, which helps you attract the right customers. AccessibilitySpark improves SEO by addressing readability.

Labeling and tagging are some of the important aspects of making your site compliant, these additions to your site are used as identifiers for ADA readers. Tagging all images on the page with clear descriptions is another key element of accessibility. By doing so, if an image is clearly labeled this equates to searchability not only to your content but your image as well.


Does installing AccessibilitySpark help me with my site’s SEO, traffic and conversions?

How can this help me attract the right customers to my site?

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