10 Reasons you Should Get the Web Accessibility Icon on your Website

Web accessibility is among the most significant digital concerns nowadays, influencing every business. Due to this fact, businesses are now putting in efforts to ensure that their websites provide equal opportunities for everyone, adapt to complex WCAG guidelines, and comply with worldwide accessibility standards. 

However, while dealing with accessibility difficulties, web designers often overlook some minor things that may have a huge influence. One must know that accessibility is not limited to the web site’s content; they also need to obtain the web accessibility icon in order to reach out to all internet users.

You must be wondering how the icon plays a part in the accessibility game? Continue reading this article to see why website accessibility icons are essential. 

What is the web accessibility icon?


Web Accessibility icon in iOS Style
Image: Source.

No matter what the icon is about and regardless of what design you opt for, the icon must be visible. Doing this will make the icon accessible. 

Hence, a feature which is accessible for all kinds of people to read and interact on the website is known as a web accessibility icon. It includes images, significant texts, keyboard shortcuts, text-to-speech, etc., so that disabled or people with impairments can easily access the information on any website. 

For instance, look at this icon. It entails a lock and a password bar, this indicates that you need to add your password here to login to this account. 

On another account, here see how W3C has used icons to showcase the person that has disabilities. 


Why is the web accessibility icon important?


Why not make your website accessible to a large audience? And not only accessible but an experience where the user is satisfied with the appearance and the information present. There are a hundred reasons you should get the web accessibility icon on your website. We have a few here for you.  


1. Add a web accessibility icon to capture the complete chunk:


Around 15% of the population all around the world is going through some sort of disability. Not adding a web accessibility icon to your website is a barrier between you and your potential audience. 

By adding a web accessibility icon, you can boost traffic to your website for real. Additionally, only 2% of the websites offer the feature of web accessibility icons throughout the world, which gives you the biggest chance. You can use it to capture almost the entire 15% of the population with disabilities as there stand nearly no competitors in your way. 

Moreover, with every passing year, the disabilities are increasing, and not only that, but technology is advancing too at the highest pace. So why not utilize it for your own and the betterment of society? When a person with disability clicks on your website, he would leave if he couldn’t find the accessibility icon. Hence, adding the icon would advantage them and would make it up to you. After all, isn’t it one of the goals of your website to increase the traffic and the clicks from the audience? Help yourself in achieving this by simply adding a web accessibility icon. 


2. Never lose sight of the minorities:


Remember that not everyone is blessed with all the senses which restrict them from internet usage. Don’t you want your website to accommodate everyone? The materialistic benefits and perks are set aside automatically when you realize that your work is only beneficial for the privileged. Hence, to make your website accessible, you must never lose sight of the minority. 

Wear their shoes for a while and test your website today. Doing this will make you aware of where your website lack accessibility. Along with other measures, also consider adding a web accessibility icon for disabled people. Doing this will not only benefit the users with disabilities to make the most of the website, entertaining themselves but will also leverage your business. 

Besides, it is included in the moral standards because it is of great importance and speaks volumes for the rights of minorities. Get one for your website as well!


3. Get the web accessibility icon for a better reputation:


As the world is moving more and more towards community welfare and regarding the brands that are involved in such activities, if you indulge in them too, you can create a positive image of your brand in front of the world. A more inclusive website will help you connect with the socially conscious consumers and make them more likely to promote your brand. 

CSR is an important fundamental for all big and small businesses around the world and you should also have this pillar in your brand. If you dig your feet in corporate social responsibility, the overall image of your brand will get a boost. You get a thousand clicks on your website in a day. When users see the web accessibility icon on it, the name of your site is most likely to stay in their minds due to your consideration towards people with disabilities. However, once the word is out that the website does not support or keeps a stance on disabled people, it truly ruins the image. You have to look out for that, don’t you?


4. Never underestimate the power of a loyal fan:


With high technology, online usage has increased, plus considering the disabled population, they tend to interact more digitally. Why not make that particular place safe and feasible for them? When your competitor does not provide a web accessibility icon, and you do, you automatically build trust and loyalty in your website for the users, which is ultimately beneficial for you. Consequently, users will prioritize your website over others. Secondly, as you would be the one to provide the feature, it is evident that the disabled population will trust you and be loyal to you only. Word of mouth should never be underestimated. The more the name of your website will rotate among people, the more trust, loyalty, and authenticity will increase. 


5. Because why not?


It is a common misconception that adding a web-accessible icon is difficult. However, it is the opposite. A user-friendly website is much easier to develop than a not-so-user-friendly one. A website developer eventually knows the tricks about how to make the website accessible and feasible for all kinds of users; hence it automatically initiates the web-accessible icon to your website.

For instance, to make you icon accessible you need to make it more clear and visible, do to so you can consider the following:

– look up to the pixel measurements and square dimensions.
– set your colour contrast according to the need.
– add a hidden text behind, enabling the screen readers to interpret.
– your semantic icons must accompany visible text to avoid ambiguity.

There are many more tactics beside this which can help you in overcoming the accessibility issue. Once you make your website is capable of reaching out to everyone, you’ll experience a visibile boost in your business growth. 


6. There are the legal requirements:


Various areas and even countries have made laws regarding the accessibility icon to be fair for all the people to avail content/information from the websites. For example, sites will receive funding in the US if they add the feature to their website to encourage the developers to act. Additionally, sites designed for educational purposes need to have an accessibility icon so that every student can avail the opportunity. However, the Americans with Disability Act does not apply the laws to commercial sites; numerous discriminatory laws are used, including equality towards the minority. These reasons may intervene if you do not get the web accessibility icon. Hence, you should get on. 


7. It’s not just about blind people:


The web accessibility icon is not just for people with disabilities. It is just an additional feature that can be used by the general public as well. It only enhances your website and makes it feasible for various users around the world. For example, a person might understand a particular language but cannot read it. Text-to-speech features can help them avail themselves of the information from your site. Essentially, it will help you attract the maximum audience. The ease is what the user would require for entertainment purposes. If your website does not provide feasibility, the user has a million other options to explore, and you would lose a potential customer. Remember, the loss will be on your end. 


8. The web accessibility icon is attractive!


If you are an organizer or an artist, you must know that extra features, add ons, or touch-ups give an extravagant look to your pieces. When talking about a website, adding some additional beneficial features is extremely attractive. An attractive website will automatically make users stay for long and might make them revisit it too. Who knows? Graphics, images, videos, word art, sounds, speech, etc., will be vibrant and an additional factor for visiting your website.


9. Think from the end of the user:


You might be privileged and want to visit a particular type of website; however, the user’s preference can be the opposite. You make content for the user; why not make it up to their expectations? Ideally, the website must contain everything that every type of user may want. The features, the content, the graphics should entertain every kind of user around the globe. Hence, using the web accessibility icon will be a plus point to make the user satisfied. 


10. For your search engine optimization:


The web accessibility icon enables websites to be more accessible and feasible for their users. Wondering how? Incorporating a web accessibility icon will automatically detect your website by making it to the search engine optimization ranking. Positive customer experience and usability is a mutual goal of both the web accessibility icon and search engine optimization. A boost in one of these features is an automatic boost in the other. It was estimated that the websites that used web accessibility icons attracted 30% more traffic than the websites which didn’t. Now you can imagine the wonders, can’t you? However, there are certain features you need to consider for your SEO. This includes anchor text, title tags, header text, image captioning, alt attributes, video transcription, etc. 



Consider adding a web accessibility icon as a process of designing your website and not just a feature that can be added later. It is an essential part for the users and your website; giving importance to it is equal to prioritizing your website goals. It not only attracts an audience but also aids you in doing community service virtually. Furthermore, the inner satisfaction you may achieve would be eternal. It all starts with awareness, then consideration, and then implementation. Awareness just happened. Your job is to begin considering. Over to you!