How do people with cognitive disabilities use AccessibilitySpark?

Website design could be quite confusing to users who suffer from cognitive disorders, such as ADD/ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and others, face difficulty in comprehending websites and aren’t able to fully understand the content. 

AccessibilitySpark ensures that the content is presented in ways without losing information or structure, ease of navigation, an access to dictionary, and adjustments that users can modify to easily navigate a website. Site visitors can clearly see the flow of a website without being distracted because the elements are outlined and focused. 

The interface allows the user to set a profile catering to cognitive disabilities. With this, they can easily see the profile for them and enable all of the adjustments for fast, simple, and comprehensive web accessibility.


Can users with cognitive disability set a specific profile that would suit their needs?

How can AccessibilitySpark help in avoiding confusion in accessing a website?

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